Sweet Hot Bundle

$ 32.85

Enjoy 10% off this special Valentine's Day bundle. It features three products that are great for date night.

Sweet Hot Mustard

Some like their mustard eye-watering hot. Some like real chill mustard that'll show up looking spicy but have a sweet side to not draw too much attention. Sweet Hot is that chill mustard. We've toned down our fresh ground mustard seed with raw Northwest honey and backed it with a host of mouthwatering spices. Word is that it pairs well with Uli's Famous Sausage but don't just take our word for it. Invite this mustard to your party and try it on everything!

Moroccan Picholine Olives

From the days of our humble beginnings in 2011 when the only product that we imported was Morocco’s most awarded Olive Oils, Villa Jerada has always and will always be a company committed to importing, distributing and making the highest quality pantry items of the Moroccan and Levantinian repertoire.

Filthy Dirty Cocktail Spice

At Addition, they love their dirty martinis. We do too. And not just dirty, but Filthy Dirty! The blend of herbs and spices in their Filthy Dirty Cocktail Spice is designed specifically to complement and enhance the briny goodness of a standard Dirty. Add three or four blasts to your shaker and enjoy.