Soft Pretzel Baking Mix with Mustard

$ 25.00

In 2016, Krista's Baking Co. and Mustard and Co. moved into Stocked Studios together. Krista's cookie mixes and mustard didn't make any sense together- and when people heard that the two shared a space they often remarked, "cookies and mustard?" So the two companies set out to find something in common- and settled on the obvious- a Soft Pretzel Baking Mix. 

This gift set features Krista's soft pretzel mix, which yields 8 soft pretzels.  It also comes with one 4 oz jar of Mustard and Co.'s classic mustard, for dipping. 

Net Wt: 20 oz

Mix Ingredients: non-GMO wheat flour, organic cane sugar, Oregon sea salt, active dry yeast

Mustard Ingredients: raw brown mustard seed, organic extra-virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, filtered water, Jacobsen Sea Salt