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$ 13.00

Hot Cakes crafts organic confections, all of which come with the OH WOW stamp of approval. The OH WOW stamp came from years of vending at the farmers markets and documenting how their customers reacted after a dip into their caramel sauce or a mouthful of their cold smoked chocolate chips. All of their products bear this stamp of quality.

They accomplish the OH WOW factor through tremendous amounts of care in the kitchen, but also through partnerships with their vendors focused on producing quality ingredients. For example, they only use the finest organic cream and milk from Fresh Breeze Dairy, the only organic-certified dairy in Washington state that goes from cows to bottling. From there, it’s all about how they make it. Their true caramel sauce tastes this good because they make it in small batches using old-world techniques. They take the time to caramelize the sugar until it gently smokes and turns a deep amber color, producing a depth in flavor that faux caramel only wishes it could match! The luxurious texture will win your ❤️.

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