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In Good Company with The Central Co-op

This post is apart of our In Good Company series - a look at all of the incredible businesses and individuals we work with to bring the mustard to life. Here we bow to those at our side in this golden journey and give us the "and Co." portion of our name. Read more about the series here.  Standing as a beacon for all that is good and natural in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood is the cooperative grocery store, Central Co-op, aka Central. Since 1978, Central has been owned and operated by the people for the people. The grocer is committed to providing the highest quality food, emphasizing goods that are grown, raised and made in Washington. Additionally, Central specializes in sustainably sourced...

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In Good Company with Jacobsen Salt Co.

Earlier this week, we discussed the "and Co." portion of our name and the importance it brings to our business and our culture. We are excited to kick off our In Good Company series and begin to introduce you to the makers we collaborate and partner with. So without further ado, we introduce: We teamed up with Jacobsen Salt Company back in the early days of Mustard and Co. You see, Bryan, being new to the specialty food scene, had his eyes on the cool kids on the block. Who was pulling out all the coolest moves? Who had the best parties and the largest group of friends? Yup, you guessed it - Jacobsen Salt Co. So when Bryan finally *mustard* up the courage, he reached...

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In Good Company

The meaning behind our name is simple yet super important to us. We put a lot of thought into the ingredients we use, as well as our partnerships and collaborations. So, Mustard and Company means just that: we are in good company on our golden sauce journey. It begins with seeking out stellar ingredients. Better yet, if and when we can, we collaborate with other like-minded companies to use the fruits of their labor in our recipes. And it doesn't stop in the kitchen. We very proud of the shops and markets we work with around the country to bring Mustard and Co. to you, the eaters of the world. Which brings us to the final stop on the community tour, all of you! We hope that...

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