In Good Company with The Central Co-op

This post is apart of our In Good Company series - a look at all of the incredible businesses and individuals we work with to bring the mustard to life. Here we bow to those at our side in this golden journey and give us the "and Co." portion of our name. Read more about the series here

Standing as a beacon for all that is good and natural in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood is the cooperative grocery store, Central Co-op, aka Central. Since 1978, Central has been owned and operated by the people for the people. The grocer is committed to providing the highest quality food, emphasizing goods that are grown, raised and made in Washington. Additionally, Central specializes in sustainably sourced and ethically produced products. Did we mention they were amongst our earliest supporters? 

Aisle 1

“We seek out producers like Mustard and Co. that are working to preserve artisan food traditions and emphasize authentic flavor,” said Susanna Schultz, Marketing Director at the Central Co-op. “These are things that our members have told us are important to them – so we are glad to have Mustard and Co. on our shelves.”

Central Co-op is part of the local food economy and helps to contribute to the vibrant food scene in Seattle. Such marketplaces support the community’s craft producers of cheeses, breads, ales, and perhaps best of all, the region’s small farmers.

Autumn's bounty

“An independent, Seattle-based business like Mustard and Co. fits right into our product offering here at Central Co-op,” said Susanna. “We are very happy to be able to support businesses that contribute to a thriving and diverse regional food system.”

Put simply, Central Co-op is dedicated to offering premium products that capture bold Northwest flavors and we’re pumped to be able to play our small part in their grand endeavor.

Written by the one and only, Ben Rasmus. 

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